Data Structure and Algorithm in C for Beginners


[100% Off ] Data Structure and Algorithm in C

Data Structures and Algorithms in C for Beginners


About the Course:

Data Structure and Algorithm in C for Beginners:

 This Course Designed for learn, understand & implement DSA in C.

Hey there! Welcome to the course Data Structures and Algorithms in C for Beginners. This course gives all the necessary content on various data structures like Arrays, Stacks, Linked lists, Queues, Trees and Graphs and how to implement them using C Programming. This course is also concentrated on beginners and so, we will start our lectures with the basic operations of arrays.


Post this course, you will be able to

1. Explain all the operations of data structures.

2. Choose which data structure is apt to solve a particular problem.

3. Analyze the algorithm and find it's time complexity (Big O)

4. Understand the workflow of various searching and sorting algorithms.

5. Understand and explain all the basic terminologies and traversals of Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, and Graphs.

6. Solve problems on data structures.

7. Apply Stacks and Queue to solve most of the coding contests.

8. Take up multiple-choice questions on DSA in competitive exams.


A basic knowledge in C Programming is preferred. If you find DSA to be difficult, this course has content to make you comfortable with the data structures and algorithms.


What you Learn from this Course?


Ø  Operations of Linear and Non-Linear Data Structures

Ø  Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Ø  Implementing Data Structures in C Programming

Ø  Analyse any algorithm and find its time complexity


Who can Enroll in this Course?


Ø  Beginner C Programmers

Ø  Computer Science Aspirants

Ø  Those who wish to learn Data Structures and Algorithms


What Requirement for this Course?


Ø  A basic knowledge in C Programming

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