Object-Oriented Programming (Java)


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Object-Oriented Programming (Java)

About Course:

Object-Oriented Programming (Java):

 This Course Designed for Learn OOP’s Solid Principle with Examples. Implements Backend Part for Online Store by the end of this Course.

From this course, you can learn Object-Oriented Programming from basics to advanced concepts.

All code examples in the course are written in Java but that's doesn't mean you can't apply the knowledge from this course in other programming languages. You can easily use the knowledge from this course in any language if you want to build applications with the help of object-oriented programming approach.

There are a lot of other courses on this topic. So, why would you choose exactly this course?  Here just a few reasons:

- Coding exercises

To learn to program it is not enough just watching videos and reading books. You also need to have a lot of practice. In this training course you will have different practical tasks which will help you learn and understand Java better.

One of the key tasks where you can practice your knowledge is the implementation of a backend system for online stores. Also, you have a lot of tasks that use domain-specific terminology: accounts, transactions, users, carts, menu, services, etc. So that means you are learning programming without abstract concepts like it is written in the books or in other courses. You learn domain-specific terminology and during the lessons, we investigate specific extracts from code that can give you a clear vision of how you can apply the knowledge in real life.

- Open source code

We hide nothing from our students! Including the source code for the home task solutions and source code of examples that were shared during the lesson. Having the source code you can just copy and paste it to run it on your local computer to understand how things work better.


Learn Java from Zero to 1st Job: Part-1


What you Learn from this Course?


Ø  Object-oriented programming

Ø  SOLID Principles

Ø  Best practices in OOP Architecture

Ø  Exam task: implement backend for online store

Ø  A lot of coding exercises

Who can Enroll in this Course?

Ø  Beginner Software Engineers

Ø  Middle Software Engineers who want to learn more about OOP

Ø  Developers with shallow knowledge in OOP programming


What Requirement for this Course?


Ø  Knowing any programming language basics

Ø  Understanding Java syntax



How can Learn Course this Course?

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