Git from Basic to Advanced for Developer


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Git from Basic to Advanced for Developer

About Course:

Git from Basic to Advanced for Developer:

 This Course Designed for Learn Git from Basic to Advanced with Create own Projects that We will Manage with Git.

From this course, you can learn Git from basics to advanced concepts.

This course created for software engineers who wants to learn how to track changes with the help of Git. No matter what programming language you use - the git is equal for everyone :)

There are a lot of other courses on this topic. So, why would you choose exactly this course?  Here just a few reasons:

- Real-life cases & demo during the video lesson

There are a lot of other courses that taught you, Git. But there are only PowerPoint presentations and nice diagrams. You may learn hundreds of git commands but you won't be able to apply them in real life after that courses.

In this course, we will imitate teamwork and work on one project from scratch. We will review different life scenarios and online, on the video, I will show you the best way to approach various cases.

You are going to learn enough theory to understand practical examples and exercises. No watter :) Only Git!

- The practical orientation of the course

This is what makes this course so unique. During the course, we are not talking about a super abstract thing and inventing our own Git. Your focus is put on the questions that you will face on daily basis during software development. That's why this course is called 'Practical Guide for Developers'.



What you Learn from this Course?


Ø  Git :)

Ø  Learn the key concept of Git

Ø  Perform basic and advanced git operations

Ø  Manage branches, solve merge conflicts like a PRO

Ø  How to work with GitHub

Ø  Manage Local and Remote repositories

Ø  Manage files with Git in your filesystem

Ø  Rebasing in git

Ø  How to develop software in a team using git

Ø  Step through the entire Git workflow

Ø  Best practices of using git

Ø  How to keep git history clean

Ø  Real-life cases of using git

Who can Enroll in this Course?

Ø  All Software Engineers

Ø  People who need a tool to track changes in the files


What Requirement for this Course?


Ø  Admin rights may be required for software installation

Ø  Course is created to learn Git from scratch to advanced level, so no specific requirements for the base level



How can Learn Course this Course?

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