Python 2 Guide For Beginners


[100% Off] Python 2 Guide For Beginners

Learn some of the basics of Python from scratch

Python 2 Guide For Beginners

What you’ll learn

  • Basics
  • Setting Up Python
  • Variables & Statements
  • Functions
  • Conditionals


  • Internet Connection


Do you want to become a programmer?Although, Python 2 is an old open source version here are where you still need to learn Python 2:

  • To become a DevOps engineer and you need to work with configurations management tools like puppet or ansible. Here, you need to work with both of these versions.

  • If your companys code written in Python 2, you will require to learn to work with that

  • If your development team is working on a project that depends on specific third-party libraries or software which you are not able to port to Python 3, then Python 2 is the only option available for you.

Do you want to be able to create games, work with files, manipulate data, and much more?

If you want to learn programming or are learning Python for the first time, then you’ve come to the right place!

Python is a powerful, modern programming language that has the capabilities required for experienced programmers, while being easy enough for beginners to learn. Python is a well-developed, stable, and fun programming language that is suitable for complex and simple development projects. Programmers love Python because of how simple and easy it is to use.

This course has everything you need to get started with Python. We’ll first start with the basics of Python – learning about strings, variables, and data types. Then, we’ll move on to loops and conditionals. Once we’re done with that, we’ll learn about functions and files in Python.

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