Memory Leaks 101: Your Guide to Fixing Them in Web Apps


[100% Off] Memory Leaks 101: Your Guide To Fixing Them In Web Apps

Boost your web apps performance by writing optimized code and using Chrome DevTools

Memory Leaks 101: Your Guide to Fixing Them in Web Apps

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn how to effectively track memory leaks down with chrome DevTools.
  • A brief history of web performance.
  • The difference in the performance requirements between MPA (Multiple Page Application) and SPA (Single Page Application)
  • The difference between runtime performance and other kind of web performance.
  • Learn the signs that your web app is leaking memory.
  • Learn programming patterns that cause JavaScript memory leaks.


  • No prior knowledge of web performance optimisation required.
  • A bit of knowledge about JavaScript/TypeScript and HTML would be helpful.


Hunting memory leaks issues is a complex problem with fiendish edge cases, and debugging them can be a daunting task. To avoid such a problem in your app, you need awareness about it and constant vigilance.

JavaScript memory leaks are sneaky and could be challenging to localize because they can go unnoticed for some time. And even if your performance gets progressively worse, you will not see a thrown error on the browser while running the leaking app because its not an invalid code that causes memory leaks, but a logical flaw in it.

In this course, well see how to effectively track memory leaks down and learn what causes them. Youll get insights on how to respect more the end-user devices resources. Youll also avoid situations where you pull your hair out trying to understand whats going on with your performance.

I designed this course to suit newcomers as well as advanced developers, and I will walk you through the topic step by step until you get your hands dirty.

At the end of the course, youll be able to identify, diagnose, and fix memory leaks in web apps even if youre not the one who implemented them. Youll be also able to catch patterns in your source code that cause leaks.

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