Learn Basic SQL and Tableau with Data Analysis


[Free] Learn Basic Sql And Tableau With Data Analysis

Quickly learn basic SQL and Tableau and do a piece of data analysis using SQL Server Management Studio and Google Sheets – Free Course

Learn Basic SQL and Tableau with Data Analysis

What you’ll learn

  • Beginner SQL Server – You will install and use SQL server management studio
  • Write basic queries to extract data for analysis from the Adventureworks database on SQL server management studio
  • Do a quick piece of analysis on Google sheets using data we extract with a query
  • Understand SELECT, FROM, WHERE and aggregate functions like SUM and COUNT by writing real queries


  • No experience required. You need a windows computer or laptop to install Sql Server Management Studio


Since data analytics has become such an in demand still worldwide, there has never been a better time to learn how to work with data and become a data analyst.

I have been working with data for over 4 years and I use SQL every day in my job. I want to pass this knowledge on to you by going through each topic and working with real examples.

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the main tool used for any data analyst and is used to execute queries and retrieve data stored in a relational database.

This course will go over basic topics used to write a SQL query used to extract data from a database for analysis including SELECT, FROM, WHERE, SUM, COUNT and more.

You can follow along by using the SQL Server Management Studio and Google Sheets and will have something to show for it at the end.

We will also create a one page dashboard on Tableau Public using the same data and publish it online.

If you like the course and want to learn more advanced topics and do much more analysis please check my other course.

No experience is required and you will be guided through every step to help you understand the process of exploratory data analysis.

Enroll now to kickstart your career in data analytics!

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