Gearbox Designing Basics Industrial Approach In English


[Free] Gearbox Designing Basics Industrial Approach In English

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Gearbox Designing Basics – Industrial Approach in English

What you’ll learn

  • Practical Knowledge of Industry
  • Gear Set Determination
  • Gear Profile Development
  • Determination of Maximum Possible Gear Ratio
  • Gear Profile Automation


  • Basic Expertise in any 3D CAD program like SolidWorks, Inventor, CATIA, ProE/Creo
  • Engineering mindset and willingness to learn


The course has been delivered in English language.

This is the only course of its kind revealing the actual designing skills involved in the gearbox industry. You will be able to not only develop the gear profiles but also be able to automate gear development process.

If you want the real experience at the click of your mouse, then do not exhaust yourself with the courses giving you superficial knowledge.

This course is your ultimate solution to acquire the industrial knowledge of gears.

You will be learning Design of Gearbox, the most predominating element of Mechanical Engineering stream. The course will give the plan methodology and Understanding explicitly for the distinctive machine component gearboxes. It will enhance the chances of substantial growth to students in the field of Machines, Shop floor Instructors, Mechanical Engineering Graduates and those already working in the industry.

The actual experience you will be gaining from this course is quite large in comparison to the small fee you will be paying. The design parameters like how to extend a gear profile over the preset Helix Angle is not taught in the colleges or other design institutions. This secret information is also not shared by your colleagues in the industry. You are left with no option to acquire this expertise. So we are here at your behest. This course will prove a savior in your life to let you establish your engineering skills to your top managements and peers in the company and get you promoted on a fast track.

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