Canva Designing Masterclass: Most Comprehensive Course


[100% Off] Canva Designing Masterclass: Most Comprehensive Course

Learn to design amazing graphics & videos with no prior experience!

Canva Designing Masterclass: Most Comprehensive Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the need for graphic design and an overview of Canva
  • Get in-depth knowledge about Canva’s home page, menu bar, and editor
  • Knowing design ingredients like text, photos, elements, background, and more
  • Get started to create awesome designs using Canva’s pre-made templates or using a blank page
  • Knowing design ingredients like elements, text, photos, background, colors, and more
  • Learn to create cool text effects and apply photo filters
  • Grasp skills of aligning, duplicating, grouping, snapping, locking, transparency, and more
  • Learn core designing skills to implement in all of your designs
  • Create amazing trending designs like banners, flyers, posters, invitation cards, gift vouchers, certificates,s and more
  • Create business utility designs like logos, business cards, letterhead, invoices, resumes, email signatures, and more
  • Develop your skills to create engaging designs for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and more
  • Create real-world designs like presentations, infographics, t-shirts, mockups, and much more
  • Learn advanced skills through videos, GIFs, and awesome animations
  • Learn the mind-blowing and useful tips and tricks which professional designers use
  • Learn how to integrate Canva with other platforms like dropbox, google drive, and more
  • Learn the secrets to starting your Fiverr freelancing journey to make money online


  • Willingness to learn graphic designing
  • Have a Mac or PC with an internet connection
  • No previous knowledge of Canva and graphic designing experience is needed


Are you finding it difficult to design amazing graphics for your social media platforms?

Are you unable to create a variety of graphics for your business?

Are you planning to start your freelancing career by acquiring design skills?

Then you are at the right place.

Welcome to the Canva Design Masterclass: Beginner to Advance course. Hey you, I am Jaisan, and have years of experience in graphic designing. I’m a digital marketer and your creative instructor. I am here to teach you the complete Canva course and make your experience much smoother.

Canva is the best graphic designing tool all around the web that can help you design beautiful and stunning graphics in no time.

Canvas drag-and-drop editing features will help to bring out your, creative side to design anything that you want.

In this complete Canva Design Masterclass, you are going to learn everything there is to know about graphic design, content creation, branding, and designing in Canva.

You will learn the psychology of colors, using shapes, elements, frames, grids, gradients, and much more.

It will help you to develop skills in design to manipulate text, re-design photos, make videos, and design logos among many others.

Most importantly, I will show you more than 30 real-world practical examples to enhance your Canva skills.

This Canva Design Masterclass is a step-by-step comprehensive framework, that will help to transform you from a beginner to an expert Canva graphics designer. And also guide you, on how you can monetize the Canva design skills, and start your freelancing journey to make passive income.

The syllabus of this Canva Design Masterclass is expertly-crafted and designed to be easy to understand. Ive even included plenty of real-world practical designs and digital content for you to study. Thats why, this is the only Canva course, youll ever need to make your design effective and charming.

After taking this complete Canva Master course, you will be able to:

1. Welcome to Canva Design Masterclass

2. Overview of Canva Tool

3. Learn the Art of Using Text

4. Amazing Trending Design Mastery

5. Cool Unique Design Mastery

6. Business Utility Design Mastery

7. Social Media Design Mastery

8. Producing a Promotional Video

9. Additional Resources

10. Making money using Canva skills

This complete Canva Design Masterclass will help you to become a top-notch graphic designer, even if you are a complete beginner at it!

By the end of this complete Canva Design Masterclass, you will have mastered Canva, created a full set of consistent and engaging designs, and can use it to produce any kind of visuals you need in the future.

This will save you time, and money and take your design skills to the next level!

Let me give you a few more reasons to get this Canva course!

1. With this course, you will be getting access to over 30 video lessons and over 7+ hours of rich content.

2. During or after the course if you have stuck anywhere, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.

So what are you waiting for, take action and grab this opportunity right now!

Go ahead and click the Enroll button, and I’ll see you inside the course!


Jaisan Joseph

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