7 Html, Css &Amp; Javascript Challenges - In 7 Days


[Free] 7 Html, Css &Amp; Javascript Challenges - In 7 Days

7 Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript challenges, Can you complete all 7 days? – Free Course

7 Html, Css &Amp; Javascript Challenges - In 7 Days

What you’ll learn

  • 7 Challenges with HTML, CSS & JavaScript — Can you complete all 7
  • NOT ANOTHER BORING CODING COURSE! Movie-style trailers followed by mini challenges every day
  • HTML Containers, Styling, Selectors, Flexbox, DOM manipulation, Click events and more!
  • Get Practice with the Most Important HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax
  • Perfect for beginners looking for things to get unique projects in their portfolio!


  • A very basic understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript


Most coding courses are BORING. This one isn’t.

A fun, CHALLENGE-based front end programming course with 7 projects in 7 days.

Can you complete all 7?

Each project has…

  • A professional, original design

  • A movie-style trailer to get you excited

  • A pop culture theme to keep things fun.

  • A specific coding theme, like “Box Model”, “Flexbox”, or “JavaScript DOM”

  • In the end, you can publish the code to your portfolio!

Here’s What We’ll Build Each Day…

  1. Elon Musk Tweet Crypto Tracker

  2. Kanye West Music Video Lyrics App

  3. Logan Paul Boxing Fight Countdown

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness App

  5. Tech Company Salary Ranking App

  6. Fyre Festival Landing Page

  7. Tinder “God Mode” App

What’s the point?

Most people don’t focus enough on the fundamentals of FRONT END WEB DEVELOPMENT. Learning the basics is one thing, but MASTERY THROUGH PRACTICE is what you need to be a pro.

In other words, challenging yourself with HTML, CSS, and Vanilla (no framework) JavaScript

You’ll also have 7 projects for your portfolio by the end of this mini-course.

What do you need to join?You should know basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to attempt the challenges 🙂

That being said, don’t worry if you can’t solve things on your own! It’s all about exposure to the concepts.

Solutions are provided — Watch how I do it and just try to learn as much as you can.

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