2023 Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Masterclass


[100% Off] 2023 Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Masterclass

From preparation to stage, learn the whole process and what you need to become a public influencer speaker

2023 Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • Why public speaking is the most influencing job
  • How to be more confident and relaxed in any speech
  • The whole process of people influencing and getting your talk more memorable
  • Public Speaking in business world and how to be professional public speaker
  • What are the aspects of effective presentation
  • Body language and delivery of speech
  • Personal Branding and influencing your audience before even standing on the stage


  • No certain requirements needed
  • Willingness to influence others with an area of interest


#1 recommended course by the MMNAcommunity, based on content, tutor education and experience. Heavy background of the speaker with more than 500 talks locally and internationally.

Course goal: is to transform you to a motivational speaker in your area of expertise and take you to another level of influencing that can make you not only gain money from this kind of business but also have a good impact on others

Course Outline: 40+ lectures that are easy but very deep and practical with a real life examples and videos that can demonstrate each theoretical point, the aim is not to give you an info but take you step by step practically to understand how to be a true speaker

1) Introduction to the public speaking in general and how it started and what is it in the real world

2) Aspects of public Speaking getting to know the audience, medium, factors for instructor to know, influencing & Factors of successful speech

3) Leadership & Influencing effective presentation aspects, Do’s & Don’ts and how to be a true presenter with a leadership skills

4) Phases of any talk starting from the planning phase till you stand on the stage

5) How to conquer your fears and be confident on the stage

6) The Delivery starting from building rapport with the attendees, Body language, delivery introduction, till you reach the summarize and conclusion of your talk

7) Importance of visuals and how to use them in the delivery to reach your goal of the presentation

8) Pain & Cure this is the slogan that should be in front of any speaker looking to influence people and change their lives

In this course I promise you will get downloadable materials and tools that will help you build your own strategy and content, me as an instructor for this course my email will be with you as to be support for you every time you need me.

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