Learn Basic & Advanced MS Excel Formula


Learn Basic & Advanced Excel Formula

Learn Basic & Advanced MS Excel Formula

 About Course:

Learn Basic & Advanced MS Excel Formula:

This Course Designed for Learn Basic & Advanced Excel Formulas.
Course is Created for Learn 80+ Excel Function/ Formulas & Tips for Excel 2007 to 2019.

Sections of Course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Date & Time Functions
  3. Financial Functions
  4. Informational Functions
  5. Logical Formulas
  6. Lookup & References
  7. Math Functions
  8. Statistical Functions
  9. Conclusion

Why Should I Take this Course?

​This is definitely not the only Microsoft Excel course out there. But, this course is very unique. Indeed, there is almost no course that focuses really on teaching you how to properly work with more than 80+ Formulas and functions. Not only you will have the theoretical side of each function/Formula but you will also learn how to use it with different Examples. In other words, each function is at first presented theoretically then you can practice it with different Examples that are given inside of the course! This is exactly what makes this course so unique, no other courses will give you so much knowledge with practice in only a 5H course. Also, this course is frequently updated, this means that the information will be updated in the future months.

What you will Learn from this Course?

  1. Learn & use of the most popular MS Excel Functions/Formulas
  2. How to Build Basic Excel apps from scratch with different formulas
  3. Learn how to Be able to work with different Excel formulas types such as date and time, finance, and many others functions

Who can Enroll in this Course?

  1. Anybody Who wants to Learn MS Excel.

What Requirement for this Course?

  1. Needed A Computer or Laptop.
  2. Must be Installed MS Excel in Computer or Laptop

How can Learn Course this Course?

1.    Create Account / Login on Udemy.com
2.    Learn Course by Enroll in this Course

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