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How to Sell Google Ads

Complete Guide to Getting Google Ads Clients

About the Course

The first thing is that to buy and to sell Google Ads are the opposite sides yet of the same win-win process. The second thing is that there is no magic around Google Ads with secret tricks like to optimize conversion cost from $100 to $1 in one week... It’s just a job that needs to be done regularly and in an expert way. At least, we think we have a right to say so, as we’ve trained Google Reps in Barcelona and Lisbon, so as the official Google Support trainers we would’ve definitely have at least some clue of any hidden ideas. However, happy to share all the details and practical advices divided into six big chapters:


1.    Why Run Google Ads

1.    Ads Vs. Organic

2.    Search Ads Vs. Social

3.    Common Reasons to Run Google Ads

2.    Expectations

1.    Results

2.    Performance Vs. Time

3.    Bids, Volume, and Costs

3.    Finding the Right Clients

1.    High-Performance Industries

2.    The Holy Grail of Clients

3.    2 Step Sales System

4.    Discovery Call

5.    Strategy Call

4.    Pricing Your Services

1.    Expected Time Investment

2.    Service Packages & System Costs

3.    Pricing Models

4.    White-Labeling Pricing

5.    On-Boarding

1.    Client Questionnaire

2.    Client On-Boarding Documents

3.    System Set-Up

6.    Client Success

1.    Lead Notifications

2.    Reporting

3.    Monthly Check-Ins

BONUS I: Freelancing on Upwork

BONUS II: Sell Your Google Ads Expertise with Google Ads Audit


Overall, we’re pretty realistic about our skills of selling Google Ads expert services under our Google Ads expert group execution, as well as by helping to hire or audit an external expert. The second option has also taught us a lot about how to partner with Google Ads freelancers and supervise their services. To sum up. The expectations experts build in their client's head while they sell Google Ads management - are intended to match their actual expert responsibilities of developing clients’ business.



What you Learn from this Course?


·         This Is A Basi How to sell your Google Ads services

·         Why Google Ads and When

·         How to price your Google ads services

·         How to build proper expectations

·         c General Knowledge For Beginners Course.

·         Learn how to apply color theory principles

·         Understand color and how to use it effectively

·         Learn about color groups and how to use them

·         Understand how color can effect moods and behavior

·         This Course Is Taught In English.



Who can Enroll in this Course?


  • Google Ads experts
  • Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Agency owners


What Requirement for this Course?


  • Better to learn it with active Google Ads accounts



How can Learn Course this Course?

1.    Create Account / Login on Udemy.com

2.    Learn Course by Enroll in this Course


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