[100% Off ] Lo Shu Grid Basic Foundation Level लो शू ग्रिड न्यूमेरोलॉजी


 Lo Shu Grid Basic Foundation Level लो शू ग्रिड न्यूमेरोलॉजी 

[100% Off ] Lo Shu Grid Basic Foundation Level लो शू ग्रिड न्यूमेरोलॉजी

About the Course

This Course Designed for Chaldean Numerology.


In layman words numerology is the study of numbers.

But its important to know why one should study the NUMBERS.

Actually, each number has its own vibrations & frequency. Each number is associated with planets a planet in the solar system

When you are reading this do this exerciser - check your 10 key important relatives or fast friends, you will check their date of birth, a total of date, and full date of birth, like for example if someone is born on 22 08 1982, so take out these three numbers - 22, 4 (2+2), and 32/5 (2+2+8+1+9+8+2), now just analyze these 3 numbers of 10 people, you will find you are surrounded by few numbers who are attracting you the most.


Amazed! Join this course and you will learn more about Numerology

Through Numerology Course we can identify the strengths & weaknesses of the person. The idea is to explore & increase the strengths parameters with help of numeric energy.

This course also explains all Lo Shu Grid Planes,

Thousands of years ago in China, the Lo River flooded, inundating the local population. The people were desperate, and frantically made offerings and sacrifices to the river god, asking him to return the water to its banks.

Suddenly a turtle surfaced on the river. The people saw that there was a pattern on its shell, a grid of nine squares. Each square had dots adding up to numbers. No matter which way the dots were added across the rows either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, the sum was 15. The diagram was called the “Lo Shu,”

The turtle that emerged from the river had an unusual 3 x 3 pattern on its shell which later became the basis of the Lo Shu Square, a mathematical grid where the sum of numbers from each row, column or diagonal is the same.

Who Is it For?

·         Entrepreneurs

·         Professionals

·         Housewives

·         Students

·         Life Coaches

·         Healers

·         Councilors

·         Teachers

Key Takeaways:

·         You will be able to motivate the person.

·         You will be able to show the right path to the person

·         You will be able to earn while learning.


What you Learn from this Course?


  1. What is Shu Grid & its History
  2. How to Make your's & other's Lo Shu Grid
  3. 8 Arrows of strength in full details
  4. Calculating Psychic (Driver) & Life Path (Conductor) number
  5. Characteristics of people born day wise (1 to 31) Psychic number (driver number) in details
  6. Characteristics of people with Life Path Number (Conductor number) 1 - 9
  7. What does your first letter means (A to Z)
  8. Master Numbers



Who can Enroll in this Course?


  1. Beginners in Lo Shu Grid
  2. Beginners in Numerology
  3. Beginners in Chinese Numerology
  4. Numerology Students
  5. Astrology Students
  6. Interested in Occult Science


What A requirement for this Course?


  1. You just need to know just simple addition calculation to use this course
  2. Internet connection with a device that can play video and audio




How can Learn Course this Course?

1.    Create Account / Login on Udemy.com

2.    Learn Course by Enroll in this Course


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