Tableau 2020 Certification Training


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Tableau 2020 Certification Training

About Course:

Tableau 2020 Certification Training:

 This Course Designed for Learn Tableau 2020 with hands-on Practice. Course helpful for become BI Consultant & Developer.


Course Syllabus:

·         Introduction to Business Intelligence

·         Introduction to Tableau

·         Tableau History

·         Installation of Tableau Desktop 2020

·         Tableau Interface and Components

·         Connecting to Databases and Preparing Data

·         Data Refresh and Blending

·         Sorting

·         Grouping

·         Sets

·         Filters, Filter shelves, Quick Filter

·         Parameters

·         Trend Lines and reference lines

·         Introduction to Dashboards, Building dashboards and Story

·         Layouts and Formatting

·         Interactivity

·         Actions

·         Story Points

·         Maps

·         Calculations

·         Modifying Table calculations

·         Aggregations and LOD Expressions

·         Advanced Charts and graphs (Waterfall, Funnel, etc.)

·         Histograms

·         Tree Maps and Bubble Charts

·         Best Practices in Tableau


What you Learn from this Course?


Ø  Complete knowledge of the top BI tool Tableau and Tableau Desktop

Ø  Prepare for Tableau Certification

Ø  Learn Tableau on it's latest version i.e. Tableau 2020

Ø  Practical examples of each concept/feature of Tableau

Ø  Introduction to Business Intelligence

Ø  Introduction to Tableau

Ø  Tableau History

Ø  Installation of Tableau Desktop 2020

Ø  Tableau Interface and Components

Ø  Connecting to Databases and Preparing Data

Ø  Data Refresh and Blending

Who can Enroll in this Course?


Ø  Data Analysts & Data Consultants

Ø  Tableau Developers

Ø  Business Intelligence Developers & Analysts

Ø  Tableau Business Analysts & Tableau Consultants

Ø  Anyone aspiring for a career in BI, Reporting, Analytics

Ø  Tableau BI Analysts/Developers

Ø  Newbies and Beginners interested in learning Tableau from scratch

Ø  MI and Dashboard Analysts

Ø  Technical & Solution Architects

Ø  Data Visualization Engineers (Tableau)

Ø  Marketing & Financial Analysts

Ø  Insight Data Analysts

Ø  Tableau BI Analysts & SMEs

Ø  Technical Consultants / Business Analysts - Tableau & SQL

Ø  BI Consultants - Tableau / Qlik / Power BI

Ø  Project Managers

Ø  Business Consultants & Analytics Consultants


What Requirement for this Course?


Ø  Need a Computer or Laptop.

Ø  Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark in the world!



How can Learn Course this Course?

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2.    Learn Course by Enroll in this Course

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