Complete Photography Beginner to Expert


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Complete Photography Beginner to Expert

About Course:

Complete Photography Beginner to Expert:

 This Course Designed for Learn Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Stock Photography, Photography Composition Black & White Photography.

Course Content:

Course 1: Understanding Basic Concepts of Photography

  • Intro to Photography Basics
  • What is Exposure Triangle 
  • Understanding Aperture & ISO 

Course 2: Understanding Advanced Concepts of Photography

  • What is RAW?
  • What is Light Metering? 
  • Understanding Histograms

Course 3: Mastering Architectural Photography

  • Equipment needed for Architectural photography
  • How to shoot in low light
  • And many in-depth Photoshop techniques for beautiful architecture photography.

Course 4: Mastering HDR Photography

  • How to shoot for HDR.
  • How to process for HDR

Course 5: Mastering Night Photography

  • Night Photography

Course 6: Adobe Lightroom Basics

  • Lightroom Introduction 
  • Import photos 
  • Collections
  • Working with White Balance 
  • Digging with color corrections 
  • Mastering Lens correction 

Course 7: Adobe Lightroom Advanced

  • Working with Spot Healer 
  • Working with Graduated & Radial Filter  
  • Exporting images 
  • Working with presets

Course 8: Adobe Photoshop Basics

  • Mastering color pop
  • Working with Matte 
  • Working with Sharpening 
  • Sunglass reflection 
  • HDR with Photoshop

Course 9: Adobe Photoshop Advanced

  • How to remove objects using Photoshop 
  • Working with warm B/W effect 
  • Working with High Key effect 

Course 10: Understanding Photography Gear

  • Full frame sensor vs. Crop sensor
  • RAW vs. JPEG vs. TIFF

Course 11: Deep analysis on lenses - which lens you should buy

  • Analysis of Lenses
  • Chart: DSLR Lens Analysis
  • Special Purpose Lens
  • Benefits of a prime lens 
  • Chart: Lens market share

Course 12: Analysis of Filter and Stabilization

  • Analysis of Filters

Course 13: Earn Money Through Stock Photography

  • Why Stock Photography?
  • Success Theory in Stock Photography
  • How much you can earn? from stock photography

Course 14: Mastering Photography Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing for Photography
  • Physical Marketing for Photography
  • Website Marketing for Photography
  • Classic Marketing for Photography

Course 15: Black and White Photography

  • Introduction to Black and White Photography
  • Why Black and White Photography
  • Color Photography vs. Black and white Photography
  • Tips for better Black and White Photography

Course 16: 10 Ways to Earn from Photography

  • Work as an assistant photographer
  • Sell your photographs in stock sites
  • Earn from photography contests

Course 17: Black and White Photography

  • Introduction to Macro photography course
  • What is Macro photography?

Course 18: Portrait Photography

  • Introduction to Portrait Photography
  • What makes a portrait look great?
  • Recommended equipment for better portraits

Course 19: Landscape Photography

  • Introduction to Landscape Photography
  • What makes landscape photos look great
  • Recommended equipment for Better Landscape Photos

Course 20: Photography blogging through WordPress: Basics

  • Getting started
  • Different blogging platforms
  • Choosing the domain
  • Different hosting providers
  • WordPress Quick Installation
  • WordPress Manual Installation
  • Connecting your WordPress with your domain

Course 21: Photography blogging through WordPress: Advanced

  • First look at WordPress
  • WordPress settings
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Themes
  • Customizing a Theme
  • Menu
  • Plugins

What you Learn from this Course?

  • understand basic photography concepts, Exposure Triangle, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture
  • Will understand advanced photography concepts, Histograms, Light Metering, RAW format
  • Do practical projects with Photo Editing, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
  • know how to earn money through stock photography
  • Do practical projects with Black and White Photography

Who can Enroll in this Course?

  • learn Important Photography Basics
  • Anyone wants to learn about Exposure Triangle, Histograms, Light Metering, and More.
  • expert in Photo Editing, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
  • wanna earn a decent amount of money through photography
  • wanna learn Macro Photography, Black and white photography

What Requirement for this Course?

     No prior knowledge of photography required

How can Learn Course this Course?

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  2. Learn Course by Enroll in this Course

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