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Eduonix E-Degree Certification: Advance AI & ML E-Degree

AI & ML E-Degree
AI & ML E-Degree

This E-Degree Program Designed for Learn how to create intelligent machines. This advance Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning E-Degree will help you learn the latest & popular technologies like as Deep Learning, CNN, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Reinforcement Learning.

This E-Degree Program is Designed with 6 Module & 28 Sections of Total 181 Lectures.

Module of E-Degree Program:

  1. Introduction to Deep Learning

             a)    Introduction
             b)    Neural Network
             c)    TensorFlow & Keras
             d)    Project- IRIS Dataset

  1. Deep Neural Networks & CNN

            a)    Introduction
            b)    Neural Network
            c)    Artificial Neural Network  
            d)    Convolutional Neural Network
            e)    Summary

  1. Natural Language Processing

            a)    Introduction to NLP
            b)    Introduction to Text Processing in NLP
            c)    Deep view into NLP

  1. Practical TensorFlow

            a)    Introduction to TensorFlow
            b)    Introduction to Machine Learning
            c)    Introduction to Neural Network
            d)    Convolutional Neural Network
            e)    Unsupervised Learning
            f)     Live Projects

  1. Reinforcement Learning

            a)    Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
            b)    Reinforcement Learning with Function Approximation
            c)    Bandit Problems
            d)    MDP

  1. Computer Vision

            a)    Introduction 
            b)    Digital Image Processing
            c)    Learning Algorithms on Images
            d)    Convolutional Techniques (Coding)
            e)    Convolutional Techniques (Theory)
             f)     Transfer Learning Techniques

Why Enroll in this E-Degree Program

This Specialised E-Degree program is the best way to learn Advanced Key Concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning like as Deep Neural Network, Computer Vision and TensorFlow assuring lucrative employment opportunities.

This E-Degree Program will also provide some these following resources:
         1)    They Provide 6 Modules for Cover New & Latest Technologies
         2)    They Provide 8+ Projects for Hands on Experience
         3)    Provides 40+ Hours High Quality Video Lectures
         4)    They Provides Exam & Quizzes for Check your Progress
         5)    Provides Certificate After Completion of E-Degree Program
         6)    Support for Interview Preparation
         7)    Life Time Access of E-Degree
         8)    Learn by Best of Global Instructors
         9)    Get Free Lifetime Updates
   10) Get Response by Experts to Ensure Quality Learning

What you will Learn from this Degree Program:
  1. Learn to Python
  2. Learn to Deep Learning
  3. Learn to Deep Neural Network
  4. Learn to Convolutional Neural Network
  5. Learn to Natural Language Processing
  6. Learn to Keras
  7. Learn to Computer Vision
  8. Reinforcement Learning
  9. Learn to TensorFlow

Who can Enroll in this E-Degree Program:

  1. Who wants to Learn Advance Concepts of AI & ML & Build Own Career in this Field.

Why Learn AI & ML E-Degree Program:

There are the following reasons for Learn AI & ML:
  1. Scope of AI & ML Continuing Growing Today & Coming Years.
  2. AI is expected to create more than 2.3 million jobs in 2020 alone
  3. AI Professional Expert Salary Range between $120,000 to $160,000 and growing every year.
  4. More than 80% of Customer Communication will be managed by AI System.

How can Learn AI & ML E-Degree Program:
1.    Create Account/login on Eduonix
2.    Learn Course by Enroll in this Course

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