Git & GitHub Crash Course

Free Udemy Certification Course: Git & GitHub Crash Course

Git & GitHub Crash Course
Git & GitHub Crash Course

About Course:
This Course Designed for Learn workflow of Git & GitHub.
Course is Created for Learn Key Concept & workflow of Git & GitHub!

Course is Designed with 04 Section & 25 Lectures of 02 Hour 13 Minutes.

Sections of Course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Git Essentials
  3. GitHub: First Step & Basics
  4. GitHub Commands & Functionalities
What you will Learn from this Course?
  1. Learn & Understand some "Common Problems" developers face
  2. Learn about Version Control System (VCS)
  3. How to Download & Install Git Source Control System
  4. Learn to Create First Git Project.
  5. Learn complete key concepts of "Git Basic Workflow"
  6. Learn the difference between "Untracked" and "Tracked" files
  7. Learn 3 stages: Working Directory - Staging Area - Repository
  8. Learn about & use of Git Common Commands - "status", "add", "commit", "log"
  9. Learn about Review Changes using "git diff"
  10. How to Remove a file from Git Repository
  11. Introduction about  GitHub [Remote Version Control System]
  12. How to Create a GitHub account
  13. How to Configure Remote GitHub repository with Local Git
  14. Learn about PUSH Local Repository to GitHub Repository
  15. How to Creating a New Repository on GitHub
  16. Learn about Clone, Fork and Pull
  17. Learn about GitHub: Raw, Blame, and History
  18. Learn about GitHub: Watch, Star and Fork
  19. Learn about GitHub Issues & Labels
  20. Learn about Branch & Merge

Who can Enroll in this Course?
  1. Anybody Who wants to Learn about Git & GitHub Workflow.

What Requirement for this Course?

  1. Needed A Computer or Laptop.
  2. Knowledge of Basic Computer Skills
  3. No Prior knowledge of Git & GitHub Required.

How can Learn Course this Course?
1.    Create Account / Login on
2.    Learn Course by Enroll in this Course

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