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    About Course:
    This Course Designed for Learn Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practically.
    Android Ethical Hacking Course 100% Hands-On Real World Practical Based on Android Ethical Hacking. Learn to Prevent FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM hacking!

    What you will Learn from this Course:
    1. Transform your Android Device into an Advance Ethical Hacking Machine
    2. Instagram Hacking like a pro ATTACKER and make people aware of such an attack
    3. Facebook Hacking like a pro ATTACKER and make people aware of such an attack
    4. Any Social Media Hacking as PRO Attacker and make people aware of such an attack
    5. Metasploit Framework
    6. Learn how to Use Termux from Scratch
    7. PORT Forwarding
    8. Clone any Website
    9. What is Shell?
    10. BASH Scripting
    11. What is F-Droid and its Importance
    12. Package Management
    13. Learn various CLI commands and use it like a Pro Penetration Tester
    14. LAN Attack
    15. WAN Attack
    16. Learn how to make Persistent Payload
    17. Cyber Security Terminology
    18. Metasploit Architecture
    19. Phishing Attack
    20. Run Kali Linux in your Android Device without Root
    21. Vulnerability, Exploit, Payload
    22. Bind Shell and Reverse Shell
    23. PHP Programming
    24. Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks
    25. 3 Essential Tools of Encryption and Decryption
    26. Learn Encryption and Decryption
    27. How to access the Front Camera of the Victim
    28. Protect Your files with Passwords
    29. Installing PHP and Starting the Server
    30. Convert your Phishing Website into an Android App
    31. Wifi Password Cracking
    32. using of Hackers KeyBoard
    33. Social Engineering
    34. What is SALT in Cryptography?

    Who can Enroll in this Course:

    1)    Anybody Who Interested to Learn Android Ethical Hacking

    What Requirement for this Course:

    1. Android Device
    2. Internet
    3. No Computer
    4. No Laptop
    5. Ethical Hacking Mindset
    6. zeal to learn
    7. Share your learning with your family, friends and everyone you know by making them aware of the cyber Attacks
    8. No Illegal Activities

    How can Learn Course this Course:
    1.    Create Account / Login on Udemy.com
    2.    Learn Course by Enroll in this Course

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